ośrodek szkolenia spawaczy Siemianowice Śląskie

Production / Services

Manufacture of boiler and structural elements
We offer the manufacturing of elements of power engineering steam and water boilers:
  • Water heaters
  • Steam superheaters
  • Air heaters
  • Radiant tubes
  • Chambers and collectors
  • Elements of pipelines
  • Chimneys
  • Cyclones, multicyclones, flue gas ducts
  • Elements of coal mills
  • Pneumatic conveying systems
We also offer:
  • Pressure and non-pressure tanks 
  • Pube heat exchangers
  • Devices for chemical industry and refineries
  • Steel constructions for general construction
The manufactured structures and equipment are cleaned to the required degree of purity by blasting and then protected against corrosion. Our factory, equipped with modern devices, delivers their services from their own materials or entrusted together with transport.
We possess, among others, permissions:
  • to produce bent tubes (Verfahrensprüfung- Rohrbiegen) issued by TÜV Austria- TÜV Süd TÜV Nord- TÜV Essen-TÜV Hannover 
  • Technische Überwachung Verein TÜV - Rheinland - for the production of pressure containers, boilers, pipelines and their components according to AD - Merkblatt HPO (TRB 200) TRR 100, TRR 201 - by means of methods of welding WIG, E, MAG steel group 1, 9 and 13CrMo44, 10H2M according to EN 288,
Our services include:
  • Laser cutting of metal sheets and pipes:
    • working area 3000 x 16 500mm
    • thickness to 20mm        
  • Plasma cutting of metal sheets:
    • working area 2500 x 8000mm
    • thickness to 50mm
  • Autogenous cutting of metal sheets:
    • working area 2500 x 8000mm
    • thickness to 200mm
  • Drilling and milling of elements on CNC machine tools:
    • working area 1700 x 6000mm
    • maximum thickness 25 mm
  • Machining of elements on conventional machine tools
  • Plate rolling:
    • maximum width of rolled sheet 3000 mm
    • maksymalna grubość 25mm
  • Sheet metal bending on press brakes:
    • maximum bending length 6000 mm
    • Pressure 400 t
  • Cutting elements on the CNC band saws
  • Pipe bending
    • maximum diameter of pipe Ø108mm
  • Blasting elements
  • Painting using airless spray
  • Welding elements in the methods 111, 121, 135, 136, 141